Merchant Shipping (Light Dues) (Amendment) Regulations 2009 (SI 2009/1371), etc - Merits of Statutory Instruments Committee Contents

Instruments not reported

  The Committee has considered the instruments set out below and has determined that the special attention of the House need not be drawn to them.

Draft Instruments requiring affirmative approval

Banking Act 2009 (Restriction of Partial Property Transfers) (Amendment) Order 2009

Criminal Defence Service (Provisional Representation Orders) Regulations 2009

Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 (Violent Offender Orders) (Notification Requirements) Regulations 2009

Data Protection (Processing of Sensitive Personal Data) Order 2009

Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Appeals) Regulations 2009

Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Consequential Amendments and Transitional and Saving Provisions) Order 2009

Human Fertilisation and Embryology (Special Exemption) Regulations 2009

National Minimum Wage Regulations 1999 (Amendment) Regulations 2009

Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions) (Amendment) (England and Wales) Order 2009

Scottish Parliament (Election etc.) (Amendment) Order 2009

Instruments requiring affirmative approval

SI 2009/1389  Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Regulated Activities) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2009

Instruments subject to annulment

SI 2009/1345  Health Professions Council (Constitution) Order 2009

SI 2009/1355  Health Professions Council (Practice Committees and Miscellaneous Amendments Rules) Order of Council 2009

SI 2009/1360  Audit Commission for Local Authorities and the National Health Service in England (Specified Organisations) (England) Order 2009

SI 2009/1361  Marketing of Fresh Horticultural Produce Regulations 2009

SI 2009/1363  Fixed Penalty (Amendment) Order 2009

SI 2009/1363  Fixed Penalty (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2009

SI 2009/1365  Legal Services Act 2007 (Commencement No. 5, Transitory and Transitional Provisions) Order 2009

SI 2009/1388  Asylum Support (Amendment) (No. 2) Regulations 2009

SI 2009/1390  Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 (Control of Business Transfers) (Requirements on Applicants) (Amendment) Regulations 2009

SI 2009/1391  Building Societies (Accounts and Related Provisions) (Amendment) Regulations 2009

SI 2009/1392  Landsbanki Freezing (Revocation) Order 2009

SI 2009/1394  Safety of Sports Grounds (Designation) (No. 2) Order 2009

SI 2009/1395  Football Spectators (Seating) Order 2009

SI 2009/1487  Fixed Penalty (Amendment) (No. 3) Order 2009

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