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1. If a formal complaint is made by a Member of the House against another Member, step 3 follows.

2. If a formal complaint is made by a non-Member, the complainant must first provide written details of the alleged breach of the Code, and supporting evidence.

3. The Registrar examines all complaints and screens out those that do not fall within the Sub-Committee's jurisdiction.

4. Complaints that pass the scrutiny of the Registrar are considered by the Chairman of the Sub-Committee, who assesses whether there is a prima facie case to answer, and reports his findings to the Sub-Committee.

5. The Sub-Committee decides whether or not to investigate the complaint.

6. If the Sub-Committee decides to investigate a complaint, the Registrar informs the Member concerned, sets out the parts of the Code alleged to have been breached, provides copies of the evidence, and invites the Member to respond in writing.

7. On the basis of the Member's written response, the Sub-Committee may dismiss the complaint or agree remedial action to be taken by the Member, if appropriate.

8. If the Sub-Committee is unable to do this on the basis of the written response, it may take further evidence, oral and written.

9. The Sub-Committee assesses the evidence.

10. Before reaching its conclusions, the Sub-Committee sends the Member complained against a statement of the facts of the case for his comments.

11. The Sub-Committee comes to a decision and reports its findings to the Committee for Privileges.

12. At the same time, the Sub-Committee's report is sent to the Member concerned.

13. The Member complained against has a right of appeal to the Committee for Privileges against the findings of the Sub-Committee.

14. The Committee for Privileges hears any appeal and the Member has the right to appear before it.

15. The Committee for Privileges reports to the House. Its report also contains the proceedings and conclusions of the Sub-Committee, and all the relevant material collected in written evidence.

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