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Letter to Baroness Prashar from Mr Ian Dixon, Wednesday 28 January 2009

Dear Lady Prashar,

  With regard to the matters of vested interest, conflict of interest, corruption and bribery alleged against Lords Snape, Moonie, Truscott and Taylor of Blackburn I believe Lady Royall of Blaisdon, stated in the Guardian:

    "Each one insisted vigorously that they had done nothing wrong. They genuinely believed that; and it is right for them to put their case to the investigation for determination by—literally—their peers."

  Isn't there a problem in that their peers are just that, more people who take money to influence legislation and like the alleged shysters above think that is fine (at least as long as they get away with it) and all keep nodding and winking like they never knew this is normal practice.

  Would you ask Lords Snape, Moonie, Truscott and Taylor of Blackburn how much money they have received from companies or other interests who stood to gain financially from their strong opposition against legislation to combat climate change.

  I look forward to your reply

  Yours sincerely

Ian Dixon

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