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18 Jan 2010 : Column WA201

18 Jan 2010 : Column WA201

Written Answers

Monday 18 January 2010

Armed Forces: Aircraft


Asked by Lord Tebbit

The Minister for International Defence and Security (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): The Royal Air Force transport fleet comprises C-17, Hercules C-130J/K, Tristar, VC-10, HS 125, BAe 146 and Augusta A109E aircraft. The air refuelling aircraft are Tristar and VC-10.

The age of these aircraft are listed in the following table:

Age of AircraftNumbers of Aircraft

More than 40 years old


Between 30 and 40 years old


Between 20 and 30 years old


Between 10 and 20 years old


Less than 10 years old


First deliveries of the transport aircraft A400M are expected to commence in 2014. The Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft will be introduced to service in 2011.

Armed Forces: Costs


Asked by Lord Marlesford

The Minister for International Defence and Security (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): The original Question asks for the cost to public funds for "operations" in Iraq, Afghanistan, Cyprus, Northern Ireland, Germany, and the Falkland Islands in each of the past five years.

In strict terms, during that period, only forces in Iraq and Afghanistan have been engaged in military "operations" for which the net additional costs are met by the reserve. The other countries, with the exception of Cyprus, have standing forces, and our activities there paid for from the core defence budget. Cyprus has a combination of forces for which we receive payment for peacekeeping duties by the United Nations and other UK standing forces.

18 Jan 2010 : Column WA202

The MoD's core budget is separated into eight top level budget holders (TLBs) each responsible for delivering individual military objectives. Within these TLBs the budget is not routinely allocated in terms of regions but in terms of categories of expenditure. The level of detailed breakdown requested could only be provided at disproportionate cost.

Art Galleries: Grants


Asked by Lord Fearn

Lord Davies of Oldham: The grant in aid (GIA) allocations to sponsored art galleries in London for financial years 2007-08 and 2008-09 and Department for Culture, Media and Sport/Wolfson 2007-08 Museums and Galleries Improvement Fund grants are shown in the table.

GalleryGIAAdditional Wolfson Funding 1GIA

Tate 2




National Gallery




National Portrait Gallery




The Courtauld Institute of Art (University of London)




Arts Council England also spent £17,407,757 on Visual Arts in Greater London in 2007-08 and £17,165,430 in 2008-09. This includes areas such as architecture, artist development, moving image, crafts, learning and education, live art, new media, photography and public art, in addition to physical art gallery space.

Channel Tunnel


Asked by Lord Dykes

18 Jan 2010 : Column WA203

The Secretary of State for Transport (Lord Adonis): We created open access for UK freight paths through the Channel Tunnel at the end of 2006 and Eurotunnel has since agreed lower rates for rail freight. These initiatives have delivered results in the form of an increase in the number of rail freight services through the Channel Tunnel, some of which are operated by new open access operators.

Civil Service


Asked by Lord Bradshaw

The Secretary of State for Transport (Lord Adonis): In instances where there are five or fewer occurrences, it is Department for Transport policy not to release information on grounds of confidentiality

Crime: Homicide


Asked by Lord Tebbit

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Home Office (Lord West of Spithead): Between 1963 and 2007-08 a total of 131 persons in England and Wales are known to have been killed by persons who had been previously convicted of homicide.

As with previous Answers, the figure excludes persons who have been killed by those who may have been convicted outside England and Wales (for whom there is incomplete information), and persons who have been killed by those not previously convicted of homicide by reason of their mental state.

Crown Dependencies: Defence Costs


Asked by Lord Wallace of Saltaire

The Minister for International Defence and Security (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): None.

18 Jan 2010 : Column WA204

Driving: Licences


Asked by Lord Lucas

The Secretary of State for Transport (Lord Adonis): My department is considering the requirements and expects to consult on changes to the minimum medical standards as early as practical.



Asked by Lord Alton of Liverpool

The Minister of State, Department for Business, Innovation and Skills and Ministry of Defence (Lord Drayson): The Hampton Implementation Review of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) forms part of a series of reviews of the work of 36 national regulators against the principles of good regulatory and enforcement practice first set out in the Hampton report, Reducing Administrative Burdens: effective inspection and enforcement (2005). The reviews are based on a range of evidence, including interviews with regulator staff and stakeholders. Their findings reflect the views of a team consisting of peer reviewers drawn from other regulators and better regulation executive officials.

The HFEA report was published on 3 December 2009. Drafts of the reports, and commentary upon them, are not published. However, full guidance on the process underlying the reviews is available at:



Asked by Earl Baldwin of Bewdley

Baroness Thornton: We understand that Elise Bassin's analysis was of subjects included in a longitudinal study led by Professor Chester Douglass. The report of the study has not been published yet, but an analysis conducted in 2007 by the West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit found that the incidence of osteosarcoma in the West Midlands, in which over 5 million people drink fluoridated water, is low with no statistically significant difference in rates for fluoridated and non-fluoridated parts of the region.

Government Departments: Bonuses


Asked by Baroness Northover

The Attorney-General (Baroness Scotland of Asthal): Non-consolidated performance payments are an integral element of the reward package for staff. These payments are used to drive high performance and form part of the pay award for members of staff who demonstrate exceptional performance-for example, by exceeding targets set or meeting challenging objectives. They have to be re-earned each year and do not add to future pay bill costs-for example, pensions. A close and effective link between pay and performance and increased use of variable pay is a key element of the reward arrangements for the Civil Service and the Senior Civil Service (SCS) in particular.

Reward arrangements, including the criteria for non-consolidated performance pay, below the SCS, are delegated to individual departments and agencies. For the SCS, departments and agencies are responsible for their own reward arrangements within a framework set by Cabinet Office. The percentage of the pay bill set aside for performance-related awards for the SCS is based on recommendations from the independent Senior Salaries Review Body.

18 Jan 2010 : Column WA206

Tables covering the specific information requested have been deposited in the Library of the House. These tables give details of the number people who were eligible for and received a non-consolidated variable pay awards, and the average and maximum payment for a non-consolidated variable pay award, by civil service band, for the three most recent performance years for which the relevant payments have been published in the department's accounts.

Government: Office Equipment


Asked by Lord Bates

The Minister for International Defence and Security (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): The average purchase price, excluding VAT, paid by the Ministry of Defence and each of its agencies for a 500-sheet ream of white A4 80 gsm photocopier paper since 1 October 2009 is £1.73.

Asked by Lord Bates

The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State, Department for Communities and Local Government & Department for Work and Pensions (Lord McKenzie of Luton): For the period May 2008 to December 2009 the average purchase price, excluding value added tax, of a 500-sheet ream of white A4 80gsm photocopier paper used by this department is £1.73.

Houses of Parliament: State Opening


Asked by Lord Berkeley

18 Jan 2010 : Column WA207

The Minister for International Defence and Security (Baroness Taylor of Bolton): For the MoD, the estimated additional cost was about £10,000. This represents expenditure on transport. We have not calculated the cost of the support given by military personnel as they are paid on a daily basis irrespective of their duties.

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