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Supplementary written evidence from BSkyB

  The information below addresses the issues the Committee raised in the relation to AVMS and Sky Sports' share of viewing.


  In relation Sky's compliance with the Audiovisual Media Services Directive ("AVMS") as the committee will be aware the current directive requires that, "where practicable", European production should account for over 50% of the transmission hours of each UK broadcaster and that European independent production must account for at least 10% of transmission hours, with "an adequate proportion" (interpreted as 50%) transmitted within five years of production. Sky's compliance report to Ofcom is considered confidential but we are nevertheless able to confirm, as per Sophie Turner Laing's comments to the Committee, that many of Sky's channels do currently meet one or both of the relevant quota requirements. Where neither quota is met it is because it is not practicable to do so, for example, Sky's subscription and pay per view movie services may not comply because their schedules are very much dependent on theatrically exhibited films, for which they provide an additional window, rather than being a driver of independent production. Going forward we would expect that our growing investment in high quality UK originated content, will also raise the level by which we comply on those channels where it is practicable to do so.


  Sky's share of viewing is most often reported within the multi-channel homes category. Over the past decade the make up of this category has changed from being predominantly cable and satellite to include increasing numbers of digital terrestrial homes, none of whom receive Sky. As a result even though absolute numbers of viewers have grown our share of viewing in this category has become smaller because we are part of a larger viewing pool. The following tables illustrate this point in relation to Sky Sports. It shows that while our share of viewing has decreased in multi-channel homes our share of viewing in all TV homes has increased as has our reach and average audiences.

Individuals SOV 20032008
Network (all UK TV homes)2.0% 2.4%
Multi-channel homes3.7% 2.6%
Satellite homes5.0% 4.7%

Individuals Reach2003 2008
Network (all UK TV homes)12.6m 14.6m
Multi-channel homes12.6m 14.6m
Satellite homes  9.4m   9.8m
Source: BARB/Infosystv


  The following table shows that the average audience to Sky Sports has actually grown by 17% since 2003 with over 200,000 viewers on average tuning in.
Individuals Reach2003 2008
Network (all UK TV homes)175,000 205,000
Multi-channel homes175,000 205,000
Satellite homes141,000 168,000
Source: BARB/Infosyst.

19 November 2009

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