Referendums in the United Kingdom - Constitution Committee Contents


The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked with * gave oral evidence.

Dr Andrew Blick

*  Professor Vernon Bogdanor

Peter Browning

*  Professor David Butler

*  Dr Helena Catt

The de Borda Institute and New Economics Foundation

*  Democratic Audit

*  Electoral Commission

*  Lord Fraser of Carmyllie

Professor Michael Gallagher

*  Professor Robert Hazell

*  Mr Daran Hill    

Institute of Welsh Affairs (IWA)

*  Mr Peter Kellner

*  Baroness Kennedy of the Shaws

*  Professor Michael Marsh

Caroline Morris

Dr Eoin O'Malley

Mrs Anne Palmer

Dr Matt Qvortrup

*  Mr Steve Richards

*  Professor Michael Saward

Dr Uwe Serdült

Dr Maija Setälä

Navraj Singh Ghaleigh

Dr Daniel A Smith

*  Professor Graham Smith

Nigel Smith

*  Professor Stephen Tierney

True Wales

*  Unlock Democracy

Professor George Williams

*  The Rt Hon Michael Wills MP

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