Private Finance Projects and off-balance sheet debt - Economic Affairs Committee Contents


The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence.

  Mr David M Adamson

*  Bank of Ireland

  Mr T Martin Blaiklock

*  Mr Chris Bolt

*  Sir John Bourn

*  British Medical Association

*  Confederation of British Industry

  Centre for Public Service Partnerships, University of Birmingham

  Coventry Friends of the Earth and Campaign for Recycling and Against   Coventry Incinerator

*  Lord Crisp

  Dr J R Cuthbert and Mrs M Cuthbert

*  Department for Children, Schools and Families

*  Department of Health

*  Sir Peter Dixon

*  Dr Chris Edwards

*  European Investment Bank

  Foreign and Commonwealth Office

*  Sir John Gieve

*  Professor Stephen Glaister

  Gloucestershire Friends of the Earth Network

  Professor David Heald

  Mr Mark Hellowell, Mr David Price and Mr Moritz Liebe (with  Professor Pollock)

  Institution of Civil Engineers

  The International Project Finance Association (IPFA)

*  John Laing


*  LIFT Council

*  Local Government Association

*  Local Partnerships, Local Government Association

*  Ms Rachel Lomax

*  Ms Kate Mingay

*  Ministry of Defence

*  National Audit Office

*  Office for National Statistics

*  Partnerships UK

*  Mr Ian Pearson MP, Economic Secretary, HM Treasury

  People Against Incineration (PAIN) and the UK Without Incineration   Network (UKWIN)

*  Professor Allyson Pollock

*  PPP Forum

*  PricewaterhouseCoopers

*  Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets

  Scottish Government

  Sheffield City Council

*  Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation

*  Sir Kevin Tebbit

*  Transport for London


*  Professor Geoffrey Whittington

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