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The following witnesses gave evidence. Those marked * gave oral evidence only, those marked ** gave both oral and written evidence. The written evidence of those marked † was also provided to the Ministry of Justice in response to its consultation on the proposal.

*  Lord Bach, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Ministry of Justice

†  The Chancery Bar Association

  Professor Elizabeth Crawford and Dr Janeen Carruthers, University of   Glasgow

*  Jonathan Faull, Director-General, Freedom Security and Justice,   European Commission

†  Andrew Francis, Serle Court, Lincoln's Inn

*  Richard Frimston, Law Society and the Society of Trust and Estate   Practitioners, Russell-Cooke LLP

†  The Honourable Mr Justice Hayton, Judge of the Caribbean Court of   Justice

†  The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

†  Professor Roger Kerridge, University of Bristol

†  The Law Society of England and Wales and the Society of Trust and Estate   Practitioners and the Notaries Society of England and Wales—Joint   submission

  The Notaries Society of England and Wales

**  Professor Paul Matthews, King's College London, Withers LLP

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