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EU-China Relations: Chronology
Reproduced by kind permission of the EU Commission
1975       MayDiplomatic relations established. Christopher Soames first European Commissioner to visit China
19782 MayTrade agreement EEC-China signed. Inter alia, establishes Joint Committee
1979FebruaryRoy Jenkins visits China. First visit of a Commission President. Meets Deng Xiaoping
  JulyFirst meeting of the Joint Committee in Beijing
  18 July (First) agreement on textile trade
198016-19 June First inter-parliamentary meeting between delegations of the EP and of the National People's Congress, Strasbourg.
1983  Launch of first science and technology cooperation program
1984  First political consultations at ministerial level, in the context of European Political Cooperation
     Launch of first cooperation projects in China (Management training and rural development)
198521-23 MayAgreement on trade and economic cooperation signed
19884 OctoberOpening of the Delegation of the European Commission in Beijing
1989JuneAs a reaction to Tian An Men incidents of 4 June, EC freezes relations with China and imposes a number of sanctions, including an arms embargo
1990OctoberCouncil and EP decide to re-establish bilateral relations step by step
1992  EC-China relations largely back to normal; arms embargo remains in place
  JuneLaunch of environmental dialogue
  JuneEstablishment of a new bilateral political dialogue
1993OctoberOpening of Commission office in Hong Kong
199515 JulyEuropean Commission publishes first Communication "A long-term policy for China-Europe relations"
     Launch of a specific dialogue on human rights issues
19961-2 MarchFirst Asia-Europe Meeting (ASEM); China and EU are active participants
199825 MarchEuropean Commission publishes Communication "Building a Comprehensive Partnership with China"
  2 April 1st EU-China Summit, London
  22 December Agreement on scientific and technological cooperation signed
199921 December 2nd EU-China Summit, Beijing
200019 MayBilateral agreement on China's WTO accession signed in Beijing
  11 July Visit of Prime Minister Zhu Rongji in Brussels (first visit of a Chinese Premier to the Commission)
  24 October 3rd EU-China Summit, Beijing
200115 MayEuropean Commission publishes Communication "EU Strategy towards China: Implementation of the 1998 Communication and Future Steps for a more Effective EU Policy"
  5 September 4th EU-China Summit, Brussels
  17 September New Information Society Working Group launched
  25-26 October       Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing
  13 November Ministerial Troika, New York (in the margin of UN General Assembly)
  30 November Political Directors Troika, Beijing
  8 December Human Rights Seminar, Brussels
  11 December China becomes the 143rd Member of the World Trade Organisation
200230-31JanuaryEC-China Joint Committee, Brussels.
  1 March Release of China country Strategy paper 2002-2006
  5-6 March Human Rights Dialogue, Madrid
  28 March-4 April Visit of Commissioner Patten to China
  16 May Launch of negotiations on Chinese participation in GALILEO
  JuneExchange of letters strengthening the EU-China political dialogue
  24 September 5th EU-China Summit, Copenhagen
  13-15 November Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing
  6 December EU-China maritime transport agreement signed
200314 February EU-China Ministerial Troika held in Beijing
  5-6 March Human Rights Dialogue, Athens
  10 March EC opens European Economic and Trade Office in Taiwan
  3 June China formally requests market economy status under EU's anti-dumping instrument
  30 June Ministerial Troika, Athens
  10 September European Commission adopts policy paper "A maturing partnership: shared interests and challenges in EU-China relations"
  13 October EU Council of Ministers endorses Commission policy paper "A maturing partnership"
  13 October China releases first ever policy paper on EU
  30 October the EU-China Summit, Beijing: Agreements signed on—cooperation in the Galileo satellite navigation program—Industrial Policy Dialogue—EU-China Dialogue on Intellectual Property
  26-27 November Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing
200410-11 February EU-China Seminar on the two Policy Papers issued in October held in Beijing, leading to "Guidelines for Common Action"
  12 February Signing of MOU on Approved Destination Status (the "Tourism Agreement")
  26-27 February Human Rights Dialogue, Dublin
  26 February Political Directors Troika, Beijing
  16 April Commission President Romano Prodi visits China
  6 May Chinese PM Wen Jiabao visits Commission Headquarters, new dialogue initiatives signed; customs cooperation agreement initialled; political leaders recommend that the "Guidelines for Common Action" are implemented
  26 May the High Level Consultations on Illegal Migration and trafficking of human beings, Brussels
  24 September Human rights dialogue, Beijing
  8 October Ministerial Troika, Hanoi
  12 November Geographical Directors' Troika, Beijing
  8 December the EU-China Summit, The Hague: the EU and China signed—Joint declaration on Non-proliferations and Arms Control—EU-China Customs Cooperation Agreement—Agreement on R&D cooperation on the peaceful use of nuclear energy
200524-25 February Human Rights Dialogue, Luxembourg
  11 May Ministerial Troika, Beijing
  30 June-1 July EU-China Civil Aviation Summit, Beijing
  7 July First ADS Committee ("Tourism Agreement") Meeting, Beijing
  14-18 July Commission President José Manuel Barroso visits China
  5 September the EU-China Summit, Beijing: the EU and China signed:—MoU on labour, employment and social affairs—Joint Statement on cooperation in space exploitation, science & technology development—Joint declaration on climate change
  25-27 October Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing
  4 November EC-China Joint Committee, Brussels
  20 December 1st EU-China Strategic Dialogue, London, UK
2006JanuaryEU-China MoU on food safety is signed in Beijing
  3 February Ministerial Troika, Vienna
  20 February Commission and Chinese Government sign a MoU on cooperation on near zero emissions power generation technology
  27 March Political Directors Troika, Beijing
  30 March The first EU-China bilateral consultations under the Climate Change Partnership are held, Vienna
  6 April Geographical Directors Troika, Brussels
  15 May EU-China Dialogue on Regional Cooperation initialled
  25-26 May Human Rights Dialogue, Vienna
  6 June 2nd EU-China Strategic Dialogue
  9 September 9th EU-China Summit, Helsinki: the EU and China agree on opening negotiations for a new comprehensive framework agreement
  11 October Official launch of China-EU Science and Technology Year
  19 October Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing
  24 October Commission adopts Communication "EU-China: Closer Partners, growing responsibilities" and a policy paper on trade and investment
  7 November EC-China Joint Committee, Beijing
  7 December The first Macroeconomic Dialogue is held
  11 December The Council endorses the Commission Communication and adopts related Council Conclusions
200716-18 January Commissioner for External Relations Ferrero-Waldner visits Beijing: launch of negotiations on a Partnership and Cooperation Agreement
  5 March Geographical Directors Troika, Beijing
  3 May Commission and ECB discuss economic policy issues with Chinese counterparts, Beijing, China
  8 May Political Directors Troika, Brussels
  15-16 May Human Rights Dialogue, Berlin, Germany
  11-12 June EC-China Joint Committee, Brussels
  22 June 1st Meeting of the EU-China Civil Society Round Table, Beijing, China
  17-18 October Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing, China
  25 October 3rd EU-China Strategic Dialogue, Lisbon
  14 November 2nd Meeting of the EU-China Civil Society Round Table, Brussels
  28 November Euro-zone Troika and Chinese counterparts, Beijing, China
  28 November 10th EU-China Summit, Beijing: the EU and China—established High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue—agreed to enhance cooperation on climate change
200811 MarchGeographical Directors' Troika, Brussels
  24-25 April President José Manuel Barroso and nine Commissioners meet with their counterparts in Beijing
  25 April 1st EU-China High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue, Beijing
  15 May Political Directors' Troika, Beijing
  15 May Human Rights Dialogue, Brdo, Slovenia
  9 June EU-China Ministerial Troika, Ljubljana
  11 June Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi visits Brussels
  23-26 June 3rd Meeting of the EU-China Civil Society Roundtable, Beijing, China
  24-25 September EC-China Joint Committee, Beijing
  6-7 November 4th Meeting of the EU-China Civil Society Roundtable, Paris, France
  28 November Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing
200919 January 4th EU-China Strategic Dialogue, Beijing
  30 January Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao visits Brussels
  29-30 March Commissioner B. Ferrero-Waldner's visit to China
  7-8 May 2nd EU-China High Level Economic and Trade Dialogue, Brussels, Belgium
  18-19 May 5th meeting of the EU-China Civil Society Round Table, Tianjin, China
  20 May 11th EU-China Summit, Prague, Czech Republic: the EU and China—addressed the issues of the financial crisis and climate change.
  14 May Human Rights Dialogue, Prague, Czech Republic
  27 May EU-China Ministerial Troika, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  28 October 6th meeting of the EU-China Civil Society Round Table, Stockholm, Sweden
  18 November Political Directors' Troika, Stockholm, Sweden
  20 November Human Rights Dialogue, Beijing, China
  29 November Euro-zone Troika and Chinese counterparts, Nanjing, China
  29 November EU-China Ministerial Troika, Nanjing, China
  30 November 12th EU-China Summit, Nanjing, China: the EU and China
     —agreed to speed up the negotiations on the Partnership and Cooperation
     —agreed to strengthen people-to-people exchanges and cultural cooperation
  17 December 5th EU-China Strategic Dialogue, Stockholm, Sweden
201028 January EU HR/VP Ashton meeting with FM Yang Jiechi in margins of London
     Conference on Afghanistan
Upcoming (TBC)
201016 MarchRegional Directors' Troika, Brussels, Belgium

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