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Supplementary memorandum by Government Office for Yorkshire and the Humber


  This note provides examples of Third Sector organisations involved in the implementation of ESF provision in South Yorkshire.


  VC Train is an established consortium for Third Sector skills delivery in South Yorkshire. The organisation was awarded £4 million ESF funding in July 2008, initially with a contract for two years to deliver engagement type activities across South Yorkshire as part of the progress together model. The funding is targeted at the hardest to engage adults focusing on the long term unemployed, individuals living in disadvantage wards, black and ethnic minority groups, lone parents, people with mental health problems and people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities. V C Train in turn sub-contract with Third Sector organisations in 36 local engagement centres. These centres are based in the community and therefore close to the vulnerable groups they seek to target in order to help move them closer to the labour market.

The following Third Sector organisations are receiving ESF funds through the progress together model:
Organisation Contract value
Autism Plus35,514.00
Barnsley Black and Minority Initiative 40,000.00
Barnsley Pre School Learning Alliance17,196.00
Bridge Employment40,374.00
Burngreave Opportunities40,000.00
Centre for Full Employment151,000.00
Doncaster Ethnic Minority Regeneration Partnership 40,000.00
Doncaster West Development Trust20,187.00
Doncaster Women's Centre22,056.00
Employment and Training Links29,890.00
Gleadless Valley Forum16,449.00
Giving Real Opportunities to Women81,121.00
Hadfield Trust58,692.00
Higher Rhythm14,579.00
Homestart Barnsley16,578.00
Manor Training and Resource Centre40,000.00
Point Blank26,168.00
Rotherham Advice and Information Network 40,000.00
Rossington Learning and Welfare29,907.00
SCOOP Aid50,093.00
Southey and Owlerton Area Regeneration 51,963.00
Sova Barnsley20,187.00
Sova Rotherham20,187.00
South Yorkshire Centre for Inclusive Living 30,280.00
Tinsley Forum35,888.00
United Multicultural Centre40,374.00
United Villages Partnership40,000.00
Unity Centre20,187.00
Voluntary Action Barnsley40,000.00
Voluntary Action Sheffield40,000.00
Yorkshire Trust78,879.00
Zest Ltd55,327.00


  Community Grants in the Yorkshire and the Humber region are managed by the Humber Learning Consortium, a Third Sector organisation. They operate across the region including in South Yorkshire where they have a development worker to co-ordinate activity. Community grants provide ESF to very small Third Sector organisations that would have difficulty accessing mainstream ESF. Details of grants awarded to Third Sector organisations in South Yorkshire together with details of the activities and the target client groups ESF is supporting are shown in the attached Annex.


  This project is also part of the progress together model in South Yorkshire. Four Third Sector organisations are sub-contracted to Best who are the lead contractor. The four organisations are ZEST, SOAR, the Manor and Castle Development Agency and the North Doncaster Development Trust. The Third Sector organisations provide Best with key workers who act as personal mentors for participants providing personal guidance and support to help them provide sustained work. To date almost 1,500 clients have been supported.

January 2010

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