Setting priorities for publicly funded research - Science and Technology Committee Contents


The following witnesses gave evidence; those marked with * gave oral evidence

  Academy of Medical Sciences

  Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood Tissues and Organs

  Alzheimer's Society


  Association of Medical Research Charities

*    Mr Simon Denegri

  Biosciences Federation and Institute of Biology (now the Society of   Biology)

  Professor Donald Braben

  Breast Cancer Campaign

  British Academy

*    Professor Roger Kain

  British Computer Society (The Chartered Institute for IT)

  British Council for Ageing

  British Heart Foundation

  British Psychological Society

  British Society for Developmental Biology

*  Professor Sir Richard Brook, Leverhulme Trust

  Cabinet Office

  Campaign for Science and Engineering (CaSE)

*    Mr Nick Dusic

  Cancer Research UK

  Centre for Process Innovation

*    Dr Graham Hillier

  Chief Government Social Scientist, Professor Paul Wiles

  Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

  Council for Science and Technology

*    Professor Dame Janet Finch

  Council for the Mathematical Sciences

  Department for Business Innovation and Skills

*    Rt Hon Lord Drayson

*    Professor Adrian Smith

*    Mr Jeremy Clayton, Government Office for Science

*    Dr Graeme Reid

*    Professor Sandy Thomas, Foresight

  Department for Children, Schools and Families

  Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra)

*    Professor Robert Watson

*    Dr Miles Parker

  DEFRA Science Advisory Council

*    Professor Chris Gaskell

  Department for International Development

*    Dr Andrew Steer

*    Dr Gail Marzetti

  Department for Transport

  Department for Work and Pensions

  Department of Communities and Local Government

  Department of Energy and Climate Change

  Department of Health

*    Professor Dame Sally Davies

*    Professor Tom Walley

  Dr Martin Dominik

  Energy Research Partnership

*    Dr Graeme Sweeney, Shell

*    Professor John Loughhead, UK Energy Research Centre

  Energy Technologies Institute

*    Dr David Clarke

  Engineering and Technology Board (now Engineering UK)

  Engineering Council UK

  Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council

*    Professor David Delpy

  Environment Agency

*    Ms Miranda Kavanagh

  Food Standards Agency

*    Dr Andrew Wadge

  Foreign and Commonwealth Office

  Forensic Science Service Ltd

  GeneWatch UK

  Professor Luke Georghiou, University of Manchester

*  Ms Anne Glover, Amadeus Capital Partners

  Government Chemist, Derek Craston

*  Government Chief Scientific Adviser, Professor John Beddington

  Mr Chris Harries

  Health and Safety Executive

  Higher Education Funding Council for England

*    Mr David Sweeney

  HM Revenue and Customs

  HM Treasury

  Home Office

  Imperial College London

  Institute of Physics

  Institution of Chemical Engineers

  Institution of Civil Engineers

  Institution of Engineering and Technology

  James Lind Alliance

  John Innes Centre

  Joint Nature Conservation Committee

*    Dr Andrew Stott

  Professor Michael Kelly

  Linnean Society of London

  Medical Research Council

*    Sir Leszek Borysiewicz

  Met Office

*    Mr Derrick Ryall

  Ministry of Defence

*    Professor Mark Welland

*    Mr Paul Stein

  Ministry of Justice

  National Physical Laboratory

*    Dr Brian Bowsher

  Natural Environment Research Council and RCUK

*    Professor Alan Thorpe

*  Dr Paul Nightingale, SPRU, University of Sussex

  Office for Strategic Co-ordination of Health Research

*    Professor Sir John Bell

  Office of the Vice Provost for Research, University College London

  Dr James Ren

  Research Councils UK

*    Dr Steven Hill

  Resource Efficiency Knowledge Transfer Network


  Rolls Royce

*    Mr Colin Smith

  Roslin Institute

  Royal Academy of Engineering

  Royal Astronomical Society

  Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health

  Royal College of Physicians

  Royal National Institute for Deaf People

  Royal Society

*    Professor Sir Martin Taylor

*    Dr James Wilsdon

  Royal Society of Chemistry

  Royal Society of Edinburgh

*    Professor Geoffrey Boulton

  Russell Group of Universities

*  Lord Sainsbury of Turville

*  Professor Andrew Stirling, SPRU, University of   Sussex

  Sustainable Development Group of the Institute of Materials Minerals and   Mining


  Technology Strategy Board

*    Mr Iain Gray

  UK Computing Research Committee

  UK Deans of Science

  UK Government's Spongiform Encephalopathy Advisory Committees

  University College London

  Professor Christos Vassilicos

  Veterinary Laboratories Agency

*    Professor Chris Thorns

*  Professor Andrew Watkinson, Living with Environmental Change

  Wellcome Trust

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