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Radioactive Waste Management: a further update

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee has appointed a sub-committee, chaired by Lord Broers, to follow up on its previous inquiries into the Government's management of radioactive waste. The Committee intends to focus on the role and performance of the Committee on Radioactive Waste Management (CoRWM), the body responsible for providing independent scrutiny and advice on the implementation of the Government's Managing Radioactive Waste Safely (MRWS) programme, and on whether Government is using its advice effectively. The Committee will consider these issues across the whole MRWS programme, including geological disposal, interim storage and research and development.

The Committee invites evidence on the following questions. Submissions are not required to cover all questions:

CoRWM's performance

  • Has CoRWM effectively scrutinised the implementation of the Government's MRWS programme?
  • Are Government decisions on its MRWS programme evidence-based? What mechanisms are in place to ensure this is the case? How does CoRWM scrutinise this?
  • Does CoRWM have sufficient scientific and technical expertise to meet its remit?

CoRWM's remit

  • Is CoRWM's remit appropriate? If not, why not? To what extent should CoRWM be responsible for engaging with the public and representing their views within Government?
  • Does CoRWM's remit cover emerging areas of activity, such as new build waste and the UK's plutonium stock pile, or longer term issues and horizon scanning? If not, should it?
  • Are there any plans to change the composition or role of CoRWM as the Government's MRWS programme continues? Should there be?

CoRWM and Government

  • How effective is CoRWM's interaction with different Government departments and agencies? Are lines of responsibility and accountability within Government, and between CoRWM and Government, clear?
  • Does the Government respond to and use CoRWM's advice effectively? Has the Government taken on board CoRWM's recommendations in its recent reports on geological disposal and interim storage?

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