Radioactive Waste Management: a further update - Science and Technology Committee Contents



CoRWM    Committee on Radioactive Waste Management

DECC    Department for Energy and Climate Change

MRWS    Managing Radioactive Waste Safely

NDA      Nuclear Decommissioning Authority

NIA      Nuclear Industry Association

NPS      National Policy Statement


Geological disposal  The isolation of radioactive waste deep inside the earth to ensure that no significant quantities of radioactivity ever reach the surface environment.

Geoscience  Any science that deals with the earth, such as geology or geochemistry.

Higher activity  Highly radioactive material.

Interim storage  The storage of radioactive waste prior to implementing a long-term management solution, such as geological disposal.

Legacy waste    Radioactive waste that was created in the past.

Radioactive waste  Waste materials contaminated by, or incorporating radioactivity above certain levels defined in legislation. Most radioactive waste (approximately 95 per cent) is generated by the nuclear power industry.

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