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Local Government Bill [HL]


1.  The Local Government Bill is a government bill introduced into the House of Lords on 26 May 2010. On 8 June 2010 the House agreed to a motion that the Bill be referred to the Examiners with respect to the applicability to the Bill of the Private Business Standing Orders of the House (HL Deb, 8 June 2010, cols 603-613).

2.  Under Lords Private Business Standing Order 83, the Examiners must in these circumstances certify whether any of the standing orders, compliance with which in the case of a private bill is to be proved before an Examiner, are applicable to the Bill and, if they are, whether or not they have been complied with. The Examiners have leave to report also to the House of Commons, if the House of Commons so orders; and Commons Private Business Standing Order 224(6) provides for the Examiners to report also on the applicability of, and (if relevant) compliance with, the equivalent Commons Private Business Standing Orders.

3.  The relevant Standing Orders are those numbered 4 to 68 in the case of each House. They are applicable only if the Bill is hybrid. So the Examiners must first determine the issue of hybridity and then, if the Bill is hybrid, determine whether the applicable Standing Orders have been complied with.

4.  On 18 June 2010 Exeter City Council and Norwich City Council deposited memorials alleging that the Standing Orders were applicable to the Bill and had not been complied with. These memorials were withdrawn on 21 June 2010 and 22 June 2010 respectively.

5.  On 23 June 2010 we held a hearing at which the government made representations that the Bill was not hybrid (a record of the hearing, including the written representations, is at Appendix 1). By the time of the hearing, there was no party alleging that the Standing Orders were applicable to the Bill.

6.  Pursuant to House of Lords Private Business Standing Order 83 we give the following certificate and pursuant to House of Commons Private Business Standing Order 224 we report accordingly.

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