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Regulation of Television Advertising

Here you can browse the Minutes of Evidence which were ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 8 February 2011.


Lord Clement-Jones (Acting Chairman) The Lord Bishop of Liverpool
Lord BraggLord Macdonald of Tradeston
Baroness DeechLord Razzall
Lord Dixon-SmithLord St John of Bletso
Baroness FookesLord Skelmersdale
Lord Gordon of Strathblane


Memorandum by the Competition Commission (RTA 3)

Memorandum by the Office of Fair Trading (RTA 11)

Witnesses: DIANA GUY, Deputy Chairman, Competition Commission, DAVID SAUNDERS, Chief Executive, Competition Commission, BILL ROBERTS, Senior Business Adviser, Competition Commission, JULIET YOUNG, Director—Consumer Markets Group, Office of Fair Trading, and HANNAH PRIEST, General Counsel's Office, Office of Fair Trading.

Question Numbers:


Supplementary letter from the Competition Commission (RTA 18)

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