Members Leaving the House - Leader's Group on Members Leaving the House Contents

Executive Summary

In this report we conclude that provision for compulsory retirement is not appropriate (nor realistically achievable) in the current House. We conclude that there is a broad consensus that the current House is too big and that the overall size of the House should be reduced as soon as possible.

We recommend that the arrangements for Leave of Absence should be immediately strengthened in order to encourage those who, for whatever reason, are unable or unwilling to play a full part in the work of the House, to step down from active membership.

We recommend that a scheme to allow members to give notice of their intention to retire from membership of the House permanently on a voluntary basis should be agreed by the House and implemented as soon as possible. Introducing voluntary retirement will ease the immediate problem of the size of the House, as well as laying the foundation for a smoother transition to a reformed House.

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