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Evidence is published online at and available for inspection at the Parliamentary Archives (+44 (0)20 7219 5314).

The evidence is listed below in chronological order of oral evidence session and in alphabetical order.

Oral evidence in chronological order

QQ 1-26  Professor John Spencer, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

    Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex

QQ 27-45  Mr Ilias Anagnostopoulos, CCBE representative

    Dr Anna Odby, Law Society representative

    Jodie Blackstock, JUSTICE representative

QQ 46-64  Vice-President Viviane Reding, European Commission (via videolink)

QQ 65-91  Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of       State for Justice

Alphabetical list of all witnesses

Witnesses marked with * gave both written and oral evidence:

  Bar Council of England and Wales

  City of London Law Society's Corporate Crime and Corruption   Committee

*  Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe (CCBE)

*  Rt Hon Kenneth Clarke QC MP, Lord Chancellor and Justice Secretary

  Faculty of Advocates

  Fair Trials International

  Mrs Joanne Froud

  Mrs Margaret Hughes


*  Law Society of England and Wales

  Law Society of Scotland

  Baroness Sarah Ludford MEP

*  Ministry of Justice

  Valsamis Mitsilegas, Professor of European Criminal Law, Queen Mary,   University of London

*  Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex

*  Vice-President Viviane Reding, European Commission (via videolink)

*  Professor John Spencer, Selwyn College, University of Cambridge

The Sub-Committee's scrutiny of the access to a lawyer proposal

Witnesses marked with ** gave oral evidence in connection with the Commission's proposed Directive on the right of access to a lawyer and on the right of notification of custody to a third person in criminal proceedings and on the right to communicate upon arrest (Doc 11497/11):

**  QQ 1-26  The Lord Advocate, Frank Mulholland QC

**  QQ 27-53  Alex Marshall, Chief Constable, Hampshire Police

**  QQ 27-53  Andy Adams, Assistant Chief Constable, Kent Police

**  QQ 27-53  Ian Kelcey on behalf of the Law Society of England and   Wales

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