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ACAlternating Current
ACERAgency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators
ASCAdvanced Supercritical Coal
BCMBillion Cubic Metres
BNEFBloomberg New Energy Finance
BTUBritish Thermal Units
CBIConfederation of British Industry
CCGTCombined Cycle Gas Turbines
CCSCarbon Capture and Storage
CEFConnecting Europe Facility
CERCentre for European Reform
CHPCombined Heat and Power
CIBSEChartered Institution of Building Services Engineers
CoalProConfederation of UK Coal Producers
DECCDepartment of Energy and Climate Change
ECFEuropean Climate Foundation
ECSCEuropean Coal and Steel Community
EEDEnergy Efficiency Directive
EESCEuropean Economic and Social Committee
EIBEuropean Investment Bank
EIP European Innovation Partnership
ENAEnergy Networks Association
ENTSO-EEuropean Network of Transmission System Operators for Electricity
ETIEnergy Technology Institute
ETSEmissions Trading System
EUEuropean Union
EuratomEuropean Atomic Energy Community
FEEDFront End Engineering and Design
FGDFlue Gas Desulphurisation
FOAKFirst of a Kind
FSRThe Florence School of Regulation
GDPGross Domestic Product
gCO2Grammes of Carbon Dioxide
HVDCHigh Voltage Direct Current
IEAInternational Energy Agency
IEDInternational Emissions Directive
IETInstitution of Engineering and Technology
IPPRInstitute for Public Policy Research
ITPRIntegrated Transmission, Planning and Regulation
KWhKilowatt Hour
LCPDLarge Combustion Plant Directive
LNGLiquid Natural Gas
MWhMegawatt Hour
NFUNational Farmers' Union
NOAKNth of a Kind
O&MOperating and Maintenance
OfgemOffice of Gas and Electricity Markets
PCIsProjects of Common Interest
R&DResearch and Development
TSOTransmission System Operator
UNFCCCUnited Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change
WWF World Wildlife Fund

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