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At a recent meeting, the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee agreed to undertake a short inquiry into open access. We will focus specifically on the implementation of the open access policy adopted by the Government in the light of the report of the working group on expanding access to published research findings chaired by Professor Dame Janet Finch.

We intend to take oral evidence in January 2013. In advance of these sessions, we would like to invite you to submit written evidence. We would specifically ask you to submit your views on the actions taken by Government and RCUK following the publication of the Finch Group's report. In particular, you may wish to address:

  • support for Universities in the form of funds to cover article processing charges, and the response of universities and other higher education institutions to these efforts;
  • embargo periods for articles published under the green model;
  • engagement with publishers, universities, learned societies and other stakeholders in the development of research council open access policies and guidance; and
  • challenges and concerns raised by the scientific and publishing communities, and how these have been addressed.

We would be most grateful if you could send your response by Friday 18 January. As is our usual practice, this correspondence will be published on the Committee's website.

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