Sport and exercise science and medicine: building on the Olympic legacy to improve the nation's health - Science and Technology Committee Contents


AIS    Australian Institute of Sport

BASES  British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences

BBSRC  Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council

CEDAR  Centre for Diet and Activity Research

CMO    Chief Medical Officer

DCMS  Department for Culture, Media and Sport

DH    Department of Health

EIS    English Institute of Sport

ESPRIT  Elite Sport Performance Research in Training

GP    General Practitioner

MOD    Ministry of Defence

MRC    Medical Research Council

NCSEM  National Centre for Sports and Exercise Medicine

NHS    National Health Services

NICE    National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

NIHR    National Institute for Health Research

QOF    Quality and Outcomes Framework

QR    Quality-related Research

RCP    The Royal College of Physicians

REP    Register of Exercise Professionals

SEM    Sport and exercise medicine

SES    Sport and exercise science

UCL    University College London

WHO    World Health Organisation

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