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Use of Public Bodies Act 2011, December 2011 - December 2012, as at 12 December 2012

The Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee has requested various data on the number of draft orders laid under the Public Bodies Act 2011. This is an update to the original information sent and takes into account orders laid as at 12 December 2012.

At Royal Assent, the potential number of orders in relation to bodies listed in Schedules 1 to 5 of the Act was 58. This figure factors in likely omnibus orders. This relates to 285 bodies.

Early indications suggested that up to 41 orders could have been laid within a year of Royal Assent (14 December 2011 to 14 December 2012). At Royal Assent, reforms to both the RDAs and the Chief Coroner had been moved to the face of the Act, reducing the potential number of orders in the first year to 39 (60 bodies).Information on these is at Annex A.

The actual number of orders that the Government has brought forward in the first year

a.  Laid as at 12 December 2012 - 19 orders (37 bodies)

b.  To be laid before Christmas recess - 2 orders (3 bodies)

The following categorisation of orders that have not come through to the original timetable

a.  Draft order deferred to a future year - 10 orders (12 bodies)

b.  Policy to be achieved by other means (e.g. Primary Legislation) - 3 orders (3 bodies)

c.  Policy and/or vehicle is under consideration - 5 orders (5 bodies)

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