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AGCASAssociation of Graduate Careers Advisory Services
CEDEFOPEuropean Centre for the Development of Vocational Training
CEEPThe European Centre of Employers and Enterprises Providing Public Services
CICCommunity Interest Company
DELNIDepartment for Employment and Learning in Northern Ireland
ERASMUS+The EU's programme for the mobility of EU citizens for the purposes of education and training.
ERDFEuropean Regional Development Fund
ESFEuropean Social Fund
ETUCEuropean Trade Union Confederation
EURESThe EU's online portal that aims to match young people to job vacancies throughout the EU.
EU28The 28 EU Member States
EU27The 27 EU Member States (prior to Croatia's accession to the EU on 1 July 2013)
EurofoundEuropean Foundation for the improvement of Living and Working Conditions
HECSUHigher Education Careers Service Unit
ICTInformation and Communications Technology
ILOInternational Labour Organisation
LEPLocal Enterprise Partnership
MEPMember of the European Parliament
MFFMultiannual Financial Framework
MPMember of Parliament
NACUENational Association of College and University Entrepreneurs
NEET  Not in Employment, Education or Training
NUSNational Union of Students
OECDOrganisation for Economic Co-operation and Development
OMCOpen Method of Coordination
OfstedThe Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills
SFASkills Funding Agency
SMEsSmall and Medium-sized Enterprises
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and Maths
TUCTrade Union Congress
UEAMPEEuropean Association of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

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