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Thank you for your letter dated 12 November.

I am pleased that you view the establishment of the Mental Capacity Act Steering Group is a welcome development. The Group is very much concerned with trying to establish the evidence of the implementation of the Mental Capacity Act to date and arriving at a plan for improving the situation.

I absolutely agree with you that hearing from service users, families and carers should be at the centre of our efforts to understand the impact of the Act. I have asked officials to set up one or more events to ensure that we talk to a range of people who have direct experience of whether or not the Act is being used successfully. That evidence will be used to influence the work programme of the Steering Group and any subsequent action plan. We will ensure that this is not a one-off exercise but that we continue to consult and engage going forward.

The first meeting of the Steering Group was devoted largely to agreeing the terms of reference and clarifying the role of all the different organisations in implementation. The Group began to identify the areas of concern and gaps in our knowledge. Members were asked to identify what data we need for our analysis, what is available and from what source and what gaps there are and how we might remedy that. This topic will be the main focus of the next meeting arranged for January.

I look forward to meeting the Committee on 3 December.

Norman Lamb MP

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