Select Committee on Olympic and Paralympic Legacy - First Report
Keeping the flame alive: the Olympic and Paralympic Legacy

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 6 November 2013.


Terms of Reference


Summary of Conclusions and Recommendations

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Sporting Participation

Chapter 3: School Age Sport

Chapter 4: High Performance Sport

Chapter 5: The Legacy of Sports Facilities

Chapter 6: The East London Legacy

Chapter 7: The Economic, Social and Cultural Legacy

Chapter 8: The Governance and Delivery of the Legacy

Appendix 1: List of members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for evidence

Appendix 4: Note of Committee visit to the Olympic Park and host boroughs: Thursday 12 September

Appendix 5: Glossary

Appendix 6: Images of the Olympic Park

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