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The Conduct Of Viscount Ridley

1.  The Committee has considered reports by the Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct and the Commissioner for Standards on the conduct of Viscount Ridley (annexed to this report). The reports arise out of a complaint, received on 24 October 2013, alleging that Viscount Ridley had breached the Code of Conduct by not declaring his interests in the Weir Group and Rio Tinto when speaking on the Energy Bill.

2.  The Commissioner found that Viscount Ridley had breached the Code of Conduct by failing to declare his financial interests in a comprehensible, specific and unambiguous manner when speaking on the Bill. Viscount Ridley accepted this finding and took appropriate remedial action by way of a formal apology to the chairman of the Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct and by apologising in a subsequent speech in the House on the Bill.

3.  The Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct, to which, in accordance with the Guide to the Code of Conduct, the Commissioner presents his reports, has accepted the Commissioner's conclusion and the remedial action by Viscount Ridley.

4.  We endorse the Commissioner's conclusion and that of the Sub-Committee, and conclude that no further action is required.

5.  We make this Report to the House for information.

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