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1.  The Committee has considered reports by the Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct and the Commissioner for Standards on the conduct of Lord Oxburgh (annexed to this report). The reports arise out of a complaint, received on 1 July 2013, alleging that Lord Oxburgh breached the Code of Conduct by not registering in the Register of Lords' Interests his position on the advisory board of the Real Asset Energy Fund, a fund which invests in renewable energy power plants.

2.  The Commissioner concluded that Lord Oxburgh had breached the Code of Conduct, but that the breach was minor and could be dealt with by way of remedial action, which Lord Oxburgh has now taken.

3.  The Sub-Committee on Lords' Conduct, to which, in accordance with the Guide to the Code of Conduct, the Commissioner presents his reports, has accepted the Commissioner's conclusion and the remedial action by Lord Oxburgh.

4.  We endorse the Commissioner's conclusion and that of the Sub-Committee, and conclude that no further action is required.

We make this Report to the House for information.

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