Conduct of Lord Oxburgh - Committee for Privileges and Conduct Contents


1. The Commissioner for Standards has submitted the attached report upholding one element of a complaint made against Lord Oxburgh.

2. The complaint alleged that Lord Oxburgh breached the Code of Conduct by not registering in the Register of Lords' Interests his position on the advisory board of the Real Asset Energy Fund, a fund which invests in renewable energy power plants.

3. The Commissioner found Lord Oxburgh to have breached the Code of Conduct by not registering the interest. Lord Oxburgh accepted this finding and the Commissioner agreed with him remedial action in the form of a letter of formal apology to the chairman of the sub-committee (which is reprinted as an appendix to the Commissioner's report). Lord Oxburgh has stood down from the advisory board, so there is no need for him now to register the interest.

4. We welcome Lord Oxburgh's acceptance that he breached the Code of Conduct and his apology for that breach. We do not consider that any further sanction is appropriate.

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