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ACASairborne collision avoidance system
ATCair traffic control
ATMair traffic management
BVLOSbeyond visual line-of-sight
C2command and control Link
DAA/D&Adetect and avoid
EASAEuropean Aviation Safety Agency
EUROCAEEuropean Organisation for Civil Aviation Equipment
EUROCONTROLEuropean Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation
FAAFederal Aviation Administration
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
HALEHigh Altitude Long Endurance
IFRinstrument flight rules
ITU/WRCInternational Telecommunications Union/World Radio Conference
JAA Joint Aviation Authority
JARUS Joint Authorities for Rule Making Unmanned Aircraft Systems
MIDCASMid-air Collision Avoidance System
MTOMmaximum take-off mass
NextGenNext Generation Air Transportation (USA Equivalent to SESAR)
RPAremotely piloted aircraft
RPASremotely piloted aircraft system
RPASPRemotely Piloted Aircraft Systems Panel (ICAO)
RPSremote pilot station
SESARSingle European Sky ATM Research
UASunmanned aircraft system
UAVunmanned aerial vehicle (obsolete term)
VLOSvisual line-of-sight

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