The North Sea under pressure: is regional marine co-operation the answer? - European Union Committee Contents


ACsAdvisory Councils
ACCSEASAccessibility for Shipping, Efficiency Advantages and Sustainability
ACERAgency for the Co-operation of Energy Regulators
BaltSeaPlanThe 2009-12 Baltic Sea Plan that accompanied the EU Maritime Policy
BMVIGerman Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure
CFPCommon Fisheries Policy
CefasCentre for Fisheries and Aquaculture Science
COSLAConvention of Scottish Local Authorities
EEAEuropean Environment Agency
EMODnetEuropean Marine Observatory Data network
EWEAEuropean Wind Energy Association
FLOWWFishing Liaison with Offshore Wind and Wet Renewables Group
GESGood Environmental Status
ICESThe International Council for the Exploration of the Sea
IMOInternational Maritime Organisation
INSITEInfluence of man-made Structures In The Ecosystem
INTERREG IVCThe EU's Interregional Cooperation Programme
LEPLocal Enterprise Partnership
MASPNOSEMaritime Spatial Planning in the North Sea Project
MEDINMarine Environmental Data and Information Network
MMOMarine Management Organisation
MPAsMarine Protected Areas
MPSMarine Policy Statement
MSFDMarine Strategy Framework Directive
MSPDMaritime Spatial Planning Directive
NEEDNorthern European Energy Dialogue
NFFONational Federation of Fishermen's Organisations
NGOsNon-Governmental Organisations
NSCNorth Sea Commission
NSCOGINorth Seas Countries' Offshore Grid Initiative
NSRPNorth Sea Region Programme
OSPAROslo and Paris Conventions (The Convention for the Protection of the Marine Environment of the North-East Atlantic)
RACsRegional Advisory Councils
RSPBRoyal Society for the Protection of Birds
SAMSThe Scottish Association for Marine Science
SFFScottish Fishermen's Federation
STECFScientific, Technical and Economic Committee for Fisheries
SUDGSeabed User and Developer Group
TFEUTreaty on the Functioning of the European Union
VECTORSVectors of Change in Oceans and Seas Marine Life, Impact on Economic Sectors
WWFWorld Wide Fund for Nature

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