European Union Committee - Third Report
3rd Report - The United Kingdom opt-in to the draft CEPOL Regulation

Here you can browse the report which was ordered by the House of Lords to be printed 21 October 2014.


Terms of Reference




The proposed Europol Regulation

The proposed merger of CEPOL and Europol: our views

The proposed merger of CEPOL and Europol: the views of others

The seat of CEPOL

The proposed CEPOL Regulation

The Commission's objectives

The Government's view

Opting in to the draft Regulation

The consequences of not opting in

Box 1: Protocol 21 to the Treaties, Article 4a(2)


Appendix 1: List of Members and Declarations of Interest

Appendix 2: Written statement by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Home Department, March 2012

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