Electricity Market Reform (General) Regulations 2014 and 8 related instruments; Police and Crime Commissioner Elections (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2014 - Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee Contents


Additional information from the Department for Communities and Local Government

The approach to consultation was cleared with ministers and took account of several factors:

·  the broad policy approach in the new framework had been intensively consulted on prior to the introduction of the Bill;

·  the draft regulations had been developed over an extended period with key partners, including CIPFA, the LGA, NALC, SLCC the NAO and the Audit Commission amongst others;

·  the drafts had also been shared with the Bill committee; and

·  the fairly limited wider interest in the content of these fairly technical regulations.

The consultation document was published on the GOV.UK website, permitting interested parties to feedback comments in writing direct to the Department, or via email to the Future of Local Audit's EEMA account.  In addition, reflecting the short consultation period and Ministers ambition to finalise the audit regulations during this Parliament, we used an on line web portal to enable a more dynamic, interactive and transparent consultation.  The interactive nature of the consultation enabled a dialogue to be opened and maintained, leading to better understanding of the policy intentions behind the regulations whilst enabling policy leads to probe further where there were areas of concern and analyse consultation responses as they were submitted.

4 of the 130 respondents expressed concern about the compressed consultation timetable: an audit firm; a district council; a town council; and a professional body representing local authority treasurers who commented: "There has been very limited publicity to bring this to the attention of interested parties, the timescale of 4 weeks is very short and the timing to co-inside with the Autumn Statement and the draft settlement in the run up to Christmas leads one to think that the DCLG was doing less than its best to encourage full engagement and a wide response."

9 July 2014

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