Select Committee on Communications
BBC Charter Review: Reith not revolution

1st Report - ordered to be printed 9 February 2016 - HL Paper 96



Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Chapter 1: Introduction


Charter Review process

Table 1: Key events in the Charter Review process

Our inquiry


Working methods and acknowledgements

Future events

Chapter 2: The BBC’s accountability framework

Importance of an independent regulator

How was the current accountability framework developed?

Box 1: Six Public Purposes of the BBC

Figure 1: BBC’s accountability framework

The ‘Reithian Principles’: Inform, Educate and Entertain

What are the merits of an accountability framework?



Public Service Broadcasting Purposes

Box 2: Ofcom PSB purposes and characteristics

Mission statement and purposes to be underpinned by a set of

Box 3: BBC values

Our proposal for reform of the accountability framework

Other layers in the current accountability framework

Purpose Remits and Purpose Priorities

Service Licences

Chapter 3: Priorities for the BBC

Data on genre spend

Sustaining Citizenship and Civil Society

Changing habits of news consumption

Current Affairs

Promoting education and learning

BBC’s current output

Current situation: is the genre of children’s television in crisis?

Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence

UK creative industry

Figure 2: BBC spend in the external creative economy 2014/15

Representing the UK, its nations, regions and communities


Nations and Regions

Bringing the UK to the world and the world to the UK

Bringing the UK to the world

BBC Worldwide

Bringing the world to the UK

In promoting its other purposes, helping to deliver to the public the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services and,
in addition, taking a leading role in the switchover to digital

Should the BBC play a role in digital technologies?

Suggested changes

Chapter 4: Scale and Scope


Scale and scope

Should the BBC be smaller or larger than its current size?

Should the BBC enter into more partnerships with other institutions?

Should the BBC do anything beyond its Public Purposes?

Universality and market failure

BBC’s impact on the wider creative industry

News provision


Online services

Chapter 5: Process for setting the level of the licence fee

Scope of our inquiry


Process by which the licence fee was set in 2010

2015 proposed licence fee settlement

Reaction to the proposed 2015 licence fee settlement

Licences for over-75s

Mechanisms for setting the level of the licence fee

The German system

Duration of Charter—how long should the BBC Royal Charter
last for?

Appendix 1: List of Members and Declarations of Interest

Appendix 2: List of Witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for Evidence

Appendix 4: Glossary of Acronyms

Appendix 5: Note of an informal meeting of the Communications Committee and young people

Appendix 6: Development of the Public Purposes of the BBC

Appendix 7: Public Purposes in detail

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Q in footnotes refers to a question in oral evidence.

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