Delegated Powers and Regulatory Reform Committee
Special Report: Response to the Strathclyde Review

25th Report - published 23 March 2016 - HL Paper 119


Chapter 1: Introduction

Strathclyde Review

Purpose of our Report


A note on terminology

Chapter 2: Boundary between primary and delegated legislation

Distinction between primary and delegated legislation

Value of delegated legislation

Is too much being “left for implementation by statutory instrument”?

What steps can be taken to re-set the boundary between primary and delegated legislation?

Chapter 3: Further observations on the Strathclyde Report

Relationship between the Executive and Parliament

Capacity of the Houses to scrutinise delegated legislation

Effect of the Strathclyde Review options


Appendix A: List of Observations and Recommendations

Appendix B: Special Report: Quality of Delegated Powers Memoranda: Government Response

Appendix C: Levels of Delegation

Appendix D: Members and Declarations of Interests

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