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Appendix 2: Draft National Assembly for Wales (Representation of the People) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 2016

Additional Information from the Cabinet Office

The Cabinet Office was responsible for the drafting of this instrument on behalf of the Wales Office and is responsible for electoral instruments more generally. The provider of Welsh translation services to the Cabinet Office has carried out a review of its procedures on how it provides those translation services and Cabinet Office will discuss the findings with the provider to ensure that the translation services are accurate in future.  Subject to the outcome of those discussions, the Cabinet Office will consider its future arrangements for obtaining Welsh translations.

In the meantime, arrangements have been put in place for Welsh speaking administrators to check the translated forms in future, and Welsh forms will continue to be shared with the Electoral Commission, which also has an office Wales which checks such statutory instruments.   Whilst they are not Welsh speakers, officials and lawyers in Cabinet Office will check all similar forms for inconsistencies and where there are any will raise such discrepancies with Welsh administrators and the Electoral Commission as above.  All Welsh forms will be subject to a final proof-read and sense check by Welsh speaking administrators.  The Cabinet Office hopes that this process of checking and rechecking by electoral experts will mean that any errors and inconsistencies in Welsh translations will be spotted and can be corrected.

3 February 2016

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