Select Committee on Trade Union Political Funds and Political Party Funding

Report of Session 2015-16 - published 2 March 2016 - HL Paper 106


Chapter 1: Introduction


Policy background

Political funds

Box 1: Trade unions with a political fund

Political levies

Figure 1: Average weekly political levy

Affiliation Fees

Trade Union Bill

Sources of party funding


Figure 2: Donations received and reported by political parties


Figure 3: Labour Party funding from the five highest-contributing unions 2010–2015

Public funding

Reviews of political party funding

Chapter 2: Impact of clauses 10 and 11


Rationale for clause 10

Likely impact of clause 10


Northern Ireland

Behavioural evidence


Details of the scheme

Likely impact on Labour Party

Likely impact of clause 11

Chapter 3: Reform of political party funding



Status of CSPL report

Clause 10 and party funding reform

Chapter 4: The way forward

Appendix 1: List of Members and Declaration of interests

Appendix 2: List of Witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for Evidence

Appendix 4: Political Fund Contribution Levels

Appendix 5: Political Levies

Appendix 6: Donations to Political Parties

Appendix 7: Donations from Trade Unions to the Labour Party

Appendix 8: Status of the CSPL recommendations

Appendix 9: Letter from the General Secretary of the TUC

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Q in footnotes refers to a question in oral evidence.

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