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Select Committee on Charities

The Select Committee on Charities was appointed by the House of Lords on 25 May 2016 to consider issues related to sustaining the charity sector and the challenges of charity governance.


The Members of the Select Committee on Charities are:

Baroness Barker

Baroness Jenkin of Kennington

Lord Bichard

Lord Lupton

Lord Chadlington

Baroness Pitkeathley (Chairman)

Lord Foulkes of Cumnock

Lord Rooker

Baroness Gale

Baroness Scott of Needham Market

Lord Harries of Pentregarth

Baroness Stedman-Scott

Declaration of interests

See Appendix 1.

A full list of Members’ interests can be found in the Register of Lords’ Interests:


All publications of the Committee are available at:

Parliament Live

Live coverage of debates and public sessions of the Committee’s meetings are available at:

Further information

Further information about the House of Lords and its Committees, including guidance to witnesses, details of current inquiries and forthcoming meetings is available at:

Committee staff

The staff who worked on this Committee were Luke Hussey (Clerk to October 2016), Matt Korris (Clerk from October 2016), Simon Keal (Policy Analyst) and Gabrielle Longdin (Committee Assistant).

Contact details

All correspondence should be addressed to the Select Committee on Charities, Committee Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW. Telephone 020 7219 6075. Email

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