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Annex 5: Local Authority Financing Initiatives

1.Schemes raised in evidence to the Committee included the following:

349 Chartered Institute of Housing (EHM0170)

350 Written evidence from Barclays (EHM0161)

351 Written evidence from Oxford Brookes University (EHM0111)

352 Oral evidence taken before the Communities and Local Government Select Committee, 19 December 2011 (Session 2010–12). Q 271 (Mark Henderson); Elphicke-House Report, From Statutory Providers to Housing Delivery Enabler: review into the local authority role in housing supply, January 2015: [accessed June 2016]

353 Warrington Borough Council, ‘Warrington Borough Council Enter Bond Market’ 25 August 2015: [accessed April 2016]

354 246 (Brandon Lewis)

355 Q 126 (Cllr Sue Derbyshire)

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