European Union Committee
Brexit: parliamentary scrutiny

4th Report of Session 2016-17 - published 20 October 2016 - HL Paper 50



Chapter 1: Introduction

This report

The EU Committee’s work programme

Chapter 2: Parliamentary scrutiny of Brexit

Why is parliamentary scrutiny necessary?


Chapter 3: Overview of the process of withdrawal

The four phases of withdrawal

Chapter 4: Phase 1—preparation

Assessing the options

Agreeing the negotiating guidelines

Notification under Article 50 TEU


Chapter 5: Phase 2—formal negotiations

Negotiations on withdrawal

Negotiations on the framework for future relations

Parliamentary scrutiny of the formal negotiations

Box 1: Provision of information to the European Parliament


Chapter 6: Phase 3—ratification

Parliamentary approval for treaty ratification

Box 2: Constitutional Reform and Governance Act 2010:
provisions on scrutiny of treaties

Withdrawal without an agreement


Chapter 7: Phase 4—implementation

Domestic legislation

Further treaty negotiations


Chapter 8: ‘Parliamentary diplomacy’

Interparliamentary cooperation


Chapter 9: Internal arrangements

The role of committees


The European Union Committee

Box 3: Proposed terms of reference


Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declaration of interests

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

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