Select Committee on the High Speed Rail (London - West Midlands) Bill

Special Report of Session 2016-17 - published 15 December 2016 - HL Paper 83



Chapter 1: Introduction

The HS2 Phase One hybrid bill

The House of Commons Select Committee

Appointment of the House of Lords Select Committee

A review of hybrid bill procedure


Chapter 2: The Select Committee in the House of Lords

Who petitioned?

The Role of the Select Committee

Additional Provisions

Working practices and programming

Locus Standi (the right to be heard)

Hearing petitions and approaches to decisions

Directions given during proceedings

This report

Chapter 3: Directions on specific petitions


Edward McMahon (petition no. 008)

Laurence, Matthew and Alison Reddy (petition no. 243)

HW Taroni Metals Ltd (petition no. 594)

Coleshill Estate (petition no. 523)

Diddington Lane (Victoria Woodall and 50 others, petition no. 637)

Burton Green Village Hall Trustees (petition no. 760)

Andrew and Jennifer Jones (petition No. 706)

Ivan, Heather and Nancy Banister (petition no. 749)

Mr and Mrs Raitt (petition no. 041)

Chetwode Parochial Church Council (petition no. 074)

Springfield Farming Ltd (petition no. 132)

Mr Geoffrey Brunt (petition no. 338)

Robert and Sara Dixon (petition no. 600), James Adam and Others (petition no. 378), Sheila Ansell (petition no. 822) and Rosemary and Ian Chisholm (petition no. 370)

Mary Godfrey and Claudia and Crescenzo D’Alessandro
(petition nos. 386 and 249)

Iver Parish Council, Ivers Community Group and Richings Park Residents’ Association (petition nos. 639, 702 and 666)

Double 4 Limited (petition no. 293)

Chapter 4: Staffordshire to Oxfordshire

Birmingham, Staffordshire, Solihull



Chapter 5: Buckinghamshire

Chetwode, Twyford, Steeple Claydon and Calvert

Aylesbury and Stoke Mandeville


Dunsmore, The Lee, Ballinger Common

South Heath

Great Missenden and Little Missenden

Table 1: Traffic flows: A413 and B485

Amersham and the Chalfonts

Chapter 6: Colne Valley, Hillingdon and Old Oak Common

Relocation of the Heathrow Express depot

Colne Valley


Old Oak Common

Chapter 7: Camden


Euston Station

Table 2: Rail passengers arriving at Euston in the AM peak

Land to the west of Euston Station

The Regent’s Park Estate

Park Village East

Parkway, Delancey Street, Albert Street, Arlington Road

Mornington Terrace, Mornington Place, Mornington Crescent

The Ampthill Square Estate

Somers Town

Recommendations on improved compensation

Table 3: Cost to the promoter

Chapter 8: Compensation


Table 4: Homeowner payment

Residential tenants and business property

The Need to Sell Scheme

Table 5: Need to Sell Scheme applications

Table 6: Need to Sell Scheme applications: Update (November 2016)

Statutory compensation (and what it is paid for)

Modifications to the statutory compensation code

Balance between town and country in non-statutory schemes

Uncompensated blight

Uniformity and special cases

Human Rights

Chapter 9: Environmental Issues


Measuring loss of biodiversity

Air quality and monitoring air pollution


Environmental regulation

Monitoring in Camden and elsewhere

Climate change

Ancient woodlands

Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

Public rights of way (including equestrian concerns)

Bird strike and bat strike

Urban environments: green spaces

Urban environments: hedgehogs in Regent’s Park

Chapter 10: Other route wide issues

Public engagement

Design of viaducts, bridges and other structures

Operational noise


Table 7: Examples of noise intensity

Intolerable and tolerable noise

Sources of operational noise

The promoter’s proposed limits, and mapping of noise contours

Table 8: Noise limits

Further points on noise



Compulsory purchase and compensation

Tax issues

Other farming issues

Compulsory acquisition for regeneration or relocation

Subventions for business rates

Movement of materials by rail

Table 9: Rail passengers arriving at Euston in the AM peak

Permanent or temporary land take?


The Secretary of State’s policy

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: Locus Standi rulings

Appendix 3: Additional Provisions

Appendix 4: Amendments made by the Select Committee

Appendix 5: Mr Clive Higgins and Mrs Margaret Higgins (petition no. 180)

Ruling by the Select Committee

Appendix 6: FCC Waste Services (UK) Limited (petition no. 780)

Appendix 7: Petitions heard during the final days of hearings

Friends Life Limited (petition no. 406)

Aston Villa Football Club (petition no. 533)

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