Science and Technology Committee
A time for boldness: EU membership and UK science after the referendum

1st Report of Session 2016-17 - published 20 December 2016 - HL Paper 85



Chapter 1: Introduction


Table 1: Key events between the EU referendum and publication of this report

Our follow up work

Structure of report

Box 1: Timescales required for Government action


Working methods and acknowledgments

Chapter 2: Funding

Current EU funding of UK science

Figure 1: Flow of funds between the UK and the EU (2007–13)

Figure 2: Sources of EU funding to UK research, development and innovation (2007–13)

Figure 3: FP7 funding awarded to the UK by sector (2007–13)

Government commitments post-EU referendum

Commitments made by the Prime Minister on 21 November

Future access to EU funding

Discrimination since the EU referendum?

Chapter 3: People

Freedom of movement

Figure 4: Immigration attitudes by types of migrant

Figure 5: Immigration attitudes by migrant profession

Retaining talent

Attracting talent

Chapter 4: Facilities, research infrastructure and regulation

Facilities and research infrastructure

Expanding international collaboration


The Great Repeal Bill

Is there a scientific dimension to the Great Repeal Bill?

Scientific advice during the Brexit process

Chapter 5: Potential opportunities offered by Brexit

The Industrial Strategy

Reform of VAT rules for facilities shared by science and business

Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms

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