Third Report Contents


The European Union (Withdrawal) Bill gives excessively wide law-making powers to Ministers, allowing them to make major changes beyond what is necessary to ensure UK law works properly when the UK leaves the EU.

The Bill contains unacceptably wide Henry VIII powers, including allowing Ministers to amend or repeal the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill by statutory instrument.

The Bill contains insufficient parliamentary scrutiny of many of the law-making powers given to Ministers, including the setting of exit day.

Parliament should be given a greater say on the procedure applicable to regulations made by Ministers under the Bill.

The Government should bring forward separate Bills to confer on the devolved institutions competencies repatriated from the EU. It is inappropriate for an issue of such constitutional importance to be left to secondary legislation.

Ministers should not have power to impose taxation by statutory instrument.

Many of the time-limits and other restrictions on Ministers can be circumvented by so-called tertiary legislation, which is law made by public bodies under powers conferred on them by Ministers.

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