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Appendix 5: Migration by local authority area

1.Within the UK the local level of migration is varied. London has the highest population of migrants (both those born abroad and foreign nationals). Figure 5 shows the local authorities with the highest proportion of non-British nationals.

Figure 5: Estimates of non-British National per 1,000 resident population by local authority district, 2015

chloropleth of UK with estimates of non british nationals by local authority district, 2015

2.However, some areas of the UK with a relatively low population of migrants have experienced a significant recent increase in foreign born residents. For example, Boston in Lincolnshire has a total foreign born population of 15.4 per cent, but this population has grown by 467 per cent between 2001 and 2011.200

200 Migration Observatory: ‘East Midlands: Census Profile’, July 2013: [accessed 12 July 2017]

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