Treating Students Fairly: The Economics of Post-School Education Contents

Terminology and scope

Post-school education: all learning and teaching that takes place after the completion of compulsory education.

Higher education: all education and training at Levels 4, 5 and above whether carried out in universities, further education colleges or as part of an apprenticeship.

Further education: all education and training below Level 4 carried out in further education colleges and universities. Education in schools is not included in further education.

Qualification levels: The Qualifications Framework define and link the levels of different types of qualification. There are currently eight levels of qualification as set out below:

Figure 1: The Qualifications Framework

Flow chart showing the level of qualifications

Scope of report: responsibility for higher and further education is devolved. Apprenticeship policy in general is also a devolved matter. An exception to this is the apprenticeship levy which is a UK-wide policy, but administration of funds collected through the levy is devolved to Scotland and Wales. This report therefore only covers higher and further education and apprenticeships in England.

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