House of Lords Science and Technology Committee
Life Sciences Industrial Strategy: Who's driving the bus?

1st Report of Session 2017-19 - published 26 April 2017 - HL Paper 115



Chapter 1: Introduction

The life sciences sector

Background to inquiry

Our inquiry

Structure of our report


Government response and next steps

Chapter 2: Challenges of implementation

The Bell report

Importance of implementation

Sector Deal

Implementation bodies

Box 1: Government bodies related to Life Sciences

Interaction with the wider Industrial Strategy

Leadership, monitoring, accountability and oversight

Devolved administrations

Our proposal for implementation and oversight of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

Life Sciences Governing Body

Oversight—Office for Industrial Strategy

Figure 1: Our proposal for implementation and oversight of the Life Sciences Industrial Strategy

Chapter 3: Role of the NHS

Co-ordination of NHS bodies

NHS and innovation

Existing initiatives

Financial incentives for innovation

Healthcare data


Chapter 4: Finance and commercialisation

UK success at innovation

Difficulty in growing companies

Why is the UK poor at growing companies?

Improving access to funds for life sciences companies

Patient Capital Review

Box 2: Summary of proposed Government actions in response to the consultation ‘Financing Growth in Innovative Firms’

Tax environment

Convergent training

Chapter 5: Skills and training

Access to international talent and skills

Brexit uncertainty

Access to global talent and immigration reform

Skills training in the UK



Technicians and apprenticeships

Conclusion and recommendations on a skilled workforce

Chapter 6: Scientific excellence

Basic Science

UK Research and Innovation



Innovation and Catapults

Summary of conclusions and recommendations

Appendix 1: List of Members and declarations of interest

Appendix 2: List of witnesses

Appendix 3: Call for evidence

Appendix 4: Seminar held at the House of Lords on 12 September 2017

Appendix 5: Committee visit to the Francis Crick Institute on 31 October 2017

Appendix 6: Abbreviations, acronyms and technical terms

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