Thirty Second Report Contents

Instruments not drawn to the special attention of the House

Instruments subject to annulment

SI 2018/622

European Communities (Designation) Order 2018

SI 2018/623

Air Navigation (Amendment) Order 2018

SI 2018/629

Network and Information Systems (Amendment) Regulations 2018

SI 2018/635

Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme and Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (Amendment) Regulations 2018

SI 2018/647

Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2018

SI 2018/653

Civil Enforcement of Parking Contraventions (England) General (Amendment) Regulations 2018

SI 2018/654

Education (Designated Institutions) (England) Order 2018

SI 2018/658

Tenements (Scotland) Act 2004 (Gas Services) Order 2018

SI 2018/664

Animal Health (Miscellaneous Fees) (England) Regulations

SI 2018/665

Time Off for Public Duties Order 2018

SI 2018/666

Animal By-Products and Pet Passport Fees (England) Regulations

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