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Appendix 1: Alternative Fuel Labelling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019 (SI 2019/421)

Letter from Jesse Norman MP, Minister of State at the Department for Transport, to the Rt Hon. Lord Trefgarne, Chairman of the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee

The Department laid the Alternative Fuel Labelling and Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Miscellaneous Amendments) Regulations 2019 [SI 2019/421] on 4th March 2019. I write to inform you that we have broken the 21-day rule, for which I wish to apologise.

Regulation 1(2) brings regulation 22 into force on 22nd March 2019, in breach of the 21-day rule, by 3 days. Regulation 22 is an amendment to paragraph 19(2)(d) of the Schedule to the Motor Fuel (Road Vehicle and Mobile Machinery) Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Regulations 2012 which allows fuel suppliers to claim Greenhouse Gas Credits for certain emissions reductions in 2019.

By way of explanation, it had been our intention to lay this instrument on Friday 1st March 2019. However, I understand that following problems with registration of this instrument we omitted to ask for an extension to the usual 2.30 pm (Friday) closing time. This meant we did not lay the instrument on the Friday, as planned.

Although we laid the instrument at the first opportunity thereafter, clearly there are lessons to be learned concerning our communication with the Journal Office and the Printed Paper Office. Officials will be reminded to check office times for the relevant Parliamentary offices to avoid this happening again.

5 March 2019

Letter from Lord Trefgarne to Jesse Norman MP

Thank you for your letter of 5 March 2019, explaining why these Regulations will not comply with the 21-day rule.

It is important for us to receive an explanation of the circumstances surrounding the late laying of the instrument. I would nonetheless underline our expectation that instruments should be laid at least 21 days before coming into force, to allow both Parliament and other interested parties sufficient time to scrutinise them and prepare for their implementation.

The Sub-Committee is due to consider these Regulations next week.

12 March 2019

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