Eighth Report Contents

Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee (Sub-Committee B)

The Committee’s terms of reference, as amended on 11 July 2018, are set out on the website but are, broadly:

To report on draft instruments and memoranda laid before Parliament under sections 8, 9 and 23(1) of the European Withdrawal Act 2018.

And, to scrutinise –

(a) every instrument (whether or not a statutory instrument), or draft of an instrument, which is laid before each House of Parliament and upon which proceedings may be, or might have been, taken in either House of Parliament under an Act of Parliament;

(b) every proposal which is in the form of a draft of such an instrument and is laid before each House of Parliament under an Act of Parliament,

with a view to determining whether or not the special attention of the House should be drawn to it on any of the grounds specified in the terms of reference.

The Committee may also consider such other general matters relating to the effective scrutiny of secondary legislation as the Committee considers appropriate, except matters within the orders of reference of the Joint Committee on Statutory Instruments.


Rt Hon. Lord Cunningham of Felling (Chairman)

Rt Hon. Lord Janvrin

Lord Sherbourne of Didsbury

Baroness Donaghy

Lord Kirkwood of Kirkhope

Rt Hon. Lord Rooker

Lord Goddard of Stockport

Baroness O’Loan

Baroness Watkins of Tavistock

Lord Hodgson of Astley Abbotts

Baroness Redfern

Registered interests

Information about interests of Committee Members can be found in the last Appendix to this report.


The Sub-Committee’s Reports are published on the internet at http://www.parliament.uk/seclegbpublications

The National Archives publish statutory instruments with a plain English explanatory memorandum on the internet at http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi

Committee Staff

The staff of the Committee are Christine Salmon Percival (Clerk), Paul Bristow (Adviser), Nadine McNally (Adviser), Philipp Mende (Adviser), Jane White (Adviser), Louise Andrews (Committee Assistant) and Ben Dunleavy (Committee Assistant).

Information and Contacts

Any query about the Committee or its work, or opinions on any new item of secondary legislation, should be directed to the Clerk to the Secondary Legislation Scrutiny Committee, Legislation Office, House of Lords, London SW1A 0PW. The telephone number is 020 7219 8821 and the email address is hlseclegscrutiny@parliament.uk.

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