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Appendix 2: Lord Maginnis’s response to the factual report

Email from Lord Maginnis dated 8 October 2020

I cannot understand why I should continue to give credence to this process insofar as:

(a)I have had nothing but abuse since the Scots Nat ‘lady’ stirred this whole business up, not just by interfering, but by tutoring the security chap with whom I had a minor disagreement, by initially going to the Press and the Met. police and by stirring up ‘hate-mail’ … attached at the end of this page is a current sample.

(b)I was not advised, though I complained to the Commissioner about the behaviour of the lying, snooping and publicity seeking Ms Bardell, that she was subject to a different Commissioner in the Commons and that I could counter her “vicious imagination” via an alternative channel.

(c)How does it come that I was consistently advised of the constraints applying to me but that these did not appear to have consequences for others?

(d)Basically, I have from the start been misled to the point that I now have to consider why I must adhere to conditions that apply only to me.

(e)I have a similar complaint above the Lord Speaker’s committee which considered and came to conclusions without even giving me a hearing … the Lord Speaker has refused to meet me or clarify his actions.

(f)The single change I have to be grateful for is that the Security folk at that particular entrance now go out of their way to be courteous to me - I’ve never known otherwise elsewhere in the Lords - though there is still no table of chair available if someone like me needs to be delayed at that entrance.

(g)I am obliged to point out that if the ‘Stonewall’ conspiracy of which this whole business was a well-orchestrated element is given validity by our process, I will, contempt or otherwise, nor [sic] be bound by invalid or unjust constraints. I didn’t serve as a Major for 12 years in Northern Ireland; survive 10 PIRA14 assassination attempts; put 7 terrorists in prison and win and hold for 18 years a Parliamentary seat that had traditionally been Sinn Fein and has so reverted since I retired from the Commons, in order to be intimidated.

Email included with Lord Maginnis’s response

Dear Mr Maginnis,

I saw the press reports of your gross rudeness. I’m hoping you apologised to the member of staff.

I see you gave an excuse of being in pain. If you weren’t so obese you would not be suffering from nerve damage, also your arthritis would be better. Luckily I’m not in too much pain as otherwise I’d be insulting.

I would strongly suggest you resign for medical reasons because of your pain. This would also save the public purse, something you seem to have become far too attached to over the years.

14 The Provisional Irish Republican Army.

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