The conduct of Lord Maginnis of Drumglass Contents

Appendix 4: Lord Maginnis’s submission to the Commissioner on sanction

While I have indicated that I’m uninterested in the Defence Security dinner incident which I’m content was an orchestrated incident among colleagues, I am writing to you about your finding regarding the Security Officer [S.O.] incident which I am clear was orchestrated by Hannah Bardell. I have already indicated to you that I cannot allow myself to be intimidated by the threat of “contempt” … I would be much more impressed if I’d heard the word “justice” in our discussions.

In reality, your process appears to be a contradiction of Justice due to the manner in which I have, till now, been constrained. Like the Lord Speaker’s secret verdict and warning letter I will not allow myself to be subjected to some sort of Iranian or Chinese-type procedure. I have now, “In Strict Confidence”, lodged all the relevant papers with my lawyer.

But let me begin by querying whether your strenuous initiation of the “Out 4 Marriage” movement (I’ve seen your verbal presentation of this movement with which I’d be in conflict) could be a factor in your championing of those who staged the rather unpleasant interludes in which I was involved. You haven’t, understandably, so indicated your involvement with that body.

Let me begin with my arrival at the House entrance from the tube station: Hannah Bardell says she followed me to the entrance – (a) that was her first lie insofar as she was already at the entrance when I arrived and appeared to be pressing the bell for entry. She moved to the side when I arrived; I pressed the bell and the door was opened; I stood aside to let her enter first; she declined and followed me in.

I think you know I’m also arthritic and without feeling in my legs and feet due to my diabetes. Hence, I was unable balance in order to get into my case on the ground; nor was there a table on which I could place it. However, I was identified to the S.O. by [two other members of the House of Lords]. The latter, as I indicated, later came to me to volunteer his support re your enquiry, but I see no reference to this in your report or consideration of that fact. Neither has there been any reasoning as to why the S.O. should have blatantly ignored their interventions.

Bardell’s second lie regarding my “screaming” at the S.O. was something that I think you could observe when we met – I have a naturally strong voice and never have to shout (scream). What ensued in Bardell’s dramatic account thereafter was like reading the proverbial ‘sixpenny novel’ with allegations of my drunkedness (third lie); her allegedly having to dodge into a lift to avoid violence from me (real drama) since we work in different ends of the building and I’ve never laid eyes on her since the alleged incident at the entrance. As for my having punched a policeman (fourth lie) need I even comment other than to point out that I was a reserve policeman 1958–1965 as well as having been an army Major 1970–1982.

I find it difficult to believe that one could ignore Bardell’s role in the S.O.’s complaint though I note you have dismissed that as “his entitlement” to seek help – from the inveterate liar Bardell ??

As for her going to the Press and denouncing me in the Commons without any indication she intended to do so doing, and that being, in your own words, O.K. since that was done before she became part of your investigation!! Did you consider that made her a “reliable witness” when she obviously had to justify herself?

Bardell had spoken to the Huffington Post who interviewed me sometime later, when they indicated to me that she was “a queer” and actually advertised herself as such i.e. “A queer who doesn’t annoy” …. my experience would suggest this to be the biggest lie of all !! I think I actually provided you with a photocopy of that.

Enough said. You’ll understand why I am unable to observe the imposed confidentially when your report infringes my Human Rights to the extent you have imposed. I haven’t gone into the attempted persecution that I’ve had to endure from Stonewall over the years since the perverse Cameron era, but I really can’t appreciate why you haven’t mentioned the funda mental ‘social and moral’ differences that obviously exists between us.

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