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Annex B: appeal documents

Appendix 6: Lord Maginnis’s written appeal

Ken Maginnis–appeal against ‘verdict’ by Lucy Scott-Montcrieff


Ken Maginnis was born 21:01:1938; m. to Joy Stewart 1961; 4 children.

Education: 11+ in 1949; Royal School Dungannon 1949 -1955; Stranmillis Teacher Trg College 1955–1959.

Taught 1959–1982 ( P.S. Principal 1966–1982); 1982 (leave of absence from my school) the “Prior Assembly” Stormont; 1959–1965; served as a reserve constable RUC; 1970–1982 served with the Ulster Defence Regiment (Major) survived 11 assassination attempts; 1983–2001 UUP MP for Fermanagh & South Tyrone; 2001- House of Lords; also 1962–1982 part time farmer; 1994–1998 negotiated the Belfast Agreement as part of the David Trimble UUP team.

Politically targeted by “Stonewall” since 2013 because he strongly opposed the Cameron “same-sex marriage” legislation … was nominated as “Bigot of the Year” by Stonewall circa 2014; was suspended by UUP leader Nesbitt circa 2014/15 for opposition to S-SM and resigned from UUP; joined the Conservatives and was invited to their weekly meeting- welcomed with applause but left meeting to discover that the then Leader of the House, Baroness Stowell of Beeston was objecting (she had taken the Cameron S-SM bill through the Lords) and I was arbitrarily rejected at the whim of the party whip Lord Taylor of Holbeach. We are still not on very good terms.

At nearly 83 years old I’m disabled by diabetes and arthritis. I’m in considerable pain and having no feeling in legs or feet have difficulty in balancing; I was examined by the Parliamentary doctor who sanctioned the use of a taxi for short distances because of my handicap and tendency to overbalance, trip and fall. If I lose sight i.e. lower my eye-line in stormy conditions or try to pick up something I may have dropped I tend to over-balance (fall). I try not to advertise my difficulty but, and I established this on a previous occasion when I arrived at the Tube-entrance with my pass still in my case and was unable to bend over to extract it!!

Initial Incident at Tube Entrance to Parliament

When I arrived at the entrance a female was already there, pressing the buzzer for entry. I did not know her but she stepped back when I arrived; I pressed the buzzer, the door was opened, I stepped back to give way to her and she declined, I entered and she followed. (It turns out she lied about this–I don’t understand why she would say that she followed me).

When I entered I realised I hadn’t taken my pass from my case and when asked for it I said I couldn’t get it (from my case) and was told I’d have to walk to the front of building and ask for a replacement. I said I could go; I was irritated as the walk from the tube had left me in pain; I didn’t shout or “scream” as the female, whom I now know to be Hannah Bardell MP, alleged. Anyone who knows me will realise that my normal “schoolmaster’s voice” is more than adequate but the lady in question is notable for her dishonesty and exaggeration!!

Coming through the entrance at that time were [two other parliamentarians], both with their passes, and who vouched for me but were studiously ignored by the Security Officer. It was at this stage this I realised I was being berated by the female (Bardell) but I was too sore and frustrated to pay any attention to what she said. I had, in fact, been through this situation once before [another security officer] and had later explained to the Chief Officer why a chair and small table would be convenient in the lobby.

Anyhow (I’m not sure why) the door was eventually opened and I entered and put my pass on as soon as I could find a table on which to place my case. I was irritated but thought nothing more of the incident until it was drawn to my attention that Bardell had, without warning, given her dramatic account in the Commons. It should be noted that while making a general response the Speaker pointed out “What I would also say is that normally we would not name a member of either House in this way.”20

As if that was not enough Bardell then proceeded to go public with the Huffington Post21–I was contacted by them and among other things told that she was a homosexual, advertised herself as such and was making various allegations about me. These turned out to be contained in papers furnished and allegations made to the Standard’s Commissioner–too many for me to recall BUT two in particular I recall …. that I was often drunk and that having created a row at a Turkish meeting I subsequently hit a policemen–both are lies … it’s less than a year since I was invited to officially represent the TRNC at a conference in Ankara and where I met the Turkish President and had strategic meetings concerning the Rights of TRNC citizens. Again, I don’t have and never did have a house in Turkey as Bardell alleges.

When our children were small we used to go to Northern Cyprus for holidays, staying initially with a Major Robinson with whom I had served. Later my good wife bought a small holiday home for £30,000 were we and our children and eventually they and their children spent time. However Joy had some years ago sold that property.

It was in the TRNC that I became friendly with President Rauf Denktash. I have always supported the Rights of those who were threatened by the Greek-led EOKA-B under General Grivas … but that’s an old story! They are still being persecuted.

I do hope you have been furnished with all the details of Bardell’s snooping and lying in order to try to justify her (I expect Stonewall inspired) objective to blemish my character.

Please let me know if you need further evidence.

Suffice to conclude this summary by saying how disappointed I was to discover that Lucy Scott-Montcrieff did not indicate her own association with “OUT 4 MARRIAGE” which would be contrary to my beliefs and sentiment. I can understand but don’t forgive how she appears to identify with the Bardell-types who have ganged up against me. Furthermore, the situation where Bardell was encouraged by the Commissioner while I was constantly warned by her about confidentiality and not made aware that I could - I’m not sure I would -have launched my own complaint procedure against the Scots Nat. lady.

You will know by now that I’ve taken legal advice outside our Parliamentary system.

20 HC Deb, 8 January 2020 col 387

21 ‘Peer Accuses MP Of Calling Out His ‘Abusive’ Behaviour Because She Is ‘Queer’’, HuffPost (8 January 2020): [accessed 27 November 2020]

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